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*Name:Francesca (Fran-sis-ca)




Sexual Preferance:both

1. List at least 10 bands you listen to:1)bats and mice 2)volcano, i'm still excited! 3)rainer maria 4)saturday looks good to me 5)owen 6)john vanderslice 7)aloha 8)american football 9)AMFM 10)braid

2. List 5 books that you like:1)five people you meet in heaven 2)the heart is a lonely hunter 3)fight club 4)sellevision 5)running with scissors

3. List 5 of your favorite movies:1)boondock saints 2)fight club 3)royal tenenbaums 4)donnie darko 5)bottle rocket

4. Last show you've been to: vendetta red

5. One INTERESTING fact about you:i found a spot on my inner thigh that if i scratch it my left two twitches

6. *****WHY IS YOU NAME SO HOT? it's full of latina flavor. at the bookstore where i work guys always say "francesca? that's such an awesome name"

7. On a scale of 1 to 10 how do you rate yourself: 6, honestly

8. Why should you be accepted?: i think my name is rad.

9. Promote us to one community [link]: as soon as i join another community i will do that, i swear. you guys were my first pick!

10. Post at least 3 pictures of your face and 1 of you body....we want to make sure your hot.
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