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oatmeal [29 Jun 2005|03:30am]
application<3Collapse )
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[09 Jun 2005|12:28pm]

title or description
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oatmealllll [01 May 2005|09:09pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

hahahahaha i bet you all sre so annoyed with me bu now, by now, but i didnt know u wanted me to post my own thing sorry. i'll do it again.

*Name: des etoiles

Age: 17

Loc: merrrlanddd

Gender: male

Sexual Preferance: straight

1. List at least 10 bands you listen to: incubus, foo fighters, chilli pepers, muse, metric, third eye blind, sublime, metallica, bush, creed + alanis morrisette, jack johnson, marilyn manson, etccc i <3 music

2. List 5 books that you like: bloomability, a seperate peace, great gatsby, going out, bookends, bobbed hair and bathtub gin,

3. List 5 of your favorite movies: interveiw with a vampire, garden state, addams family, cruel intentions,

4. Last show you've been to: incubuss

5. One INTERESTING fact about you: i play the tuba?

6. *****WHY IS YOU NAME SO HOT? eh i love stars and my name means the stars. the end.

7. On a scale of 1 to 10 how do you rate yourself: about a 7 id say

8. Why should you be accepted?: i think im pretty cool.

9. Promote us to one community [link]: http://www.livejournal.com/community/silentstarlets/

10. Post at least 3 pictures of your face and 1 of you body....we want to make sure your hot.

voila* sorry about the confusion

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oatmeal =) mm [31 Mar 2005|08:13pm]

Oatmeal **Collapse )

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stamped//promo [18 Feb 2005|12:48am]

lalalalalaCollapse )
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stamped [17 Feb 2005|05:44pm]


fl. lauderdale...story by ppictures!!!Collapse )
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leaving... [15 Feb 2005|09:29pm]

this was fun but i'm leaving. i don't have time for this stuff with school and everything. if you ever thought i was particularly interesting or whatever go ahead and add me. bye.
<3 kia alexis
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stamped... [15 Feb 2005|07:16pm]

this is what you do when you're boredCollapse )
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[12 Feb 2005|08:54pm]


helping out a friend.
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[07 Feb 2005|07:05pm]

promotion under cutCollapse )
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stamped...random [06 Feb 2005|05:22pm]

to the boy with the short attention spanCollapse )
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stamped [02 Feb 2005|07:46pm]

oh yes, It's time!!!Collapse )
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ssstamped [19 Jan 2005|10:07pm]

I havent done this in a whileCollapse )</lj-cut
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bye bye bye [05 Jan 2005|07:29pm]

[ mood | blah ]

It took me like three years to realize that these things are incredibly gay; therefore, I am leaving. I took some thought into it, and all of them are the same. You put an app. you get judged, based on your application more than your looks -- yes I've seen some pretty ugly people get into the communities.. and I think it's dumb. You get in, then what? Nothing, the themes are boring, and eventually the community dies out. Same thing with every community. So, I guess it was fun. I'd be honored and very pleased if people from the community added me. Thanks, bye.
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oatmeal [30 Dec 2004|01:33am]

oatmeal applicationCollapse )
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stamped [29 Dec 2004|01:01pm]

I love him so much.Collapse )
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stamped//leaving [28 Dec 2004|02:56pm]

oh how i love rating communities but oh how my life has become overrun and i no longer have time for all the ones I am in. therefore I'm going to leave this lovely community. Oh well. bye.
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dsgqerh [29 Dec 2004|01:00am]

whatever, you know you want thisCollapse )
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hi. [28 Dec 2004|11:55am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

i got accepted here a long long long time ago under the usernamenot_yr_star (it's still under accepted members.) i left livejournal though and now i'm back and this is my new username. i don't know if you want me to reapply or whatever. just tell me.
new flicksCollapse )

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[23 Dec 2004|03:04pm]

I'm out.
bye kids
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